With a background in tech recruitment and the world of intralogistics and automation. My experience spans both contingency and search assignments with some managed services / RPO. I work across a range of clients and companies connecting hard-to-find, in-demand specialists with employers.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in home cinema technology and I'm a retired budget audiophile. On Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons you’ll find me either "running the line" or stood on the sidelines cheering my son and his team on!

​What value means the most to you at Provide? and Why?

Honesty is the value that means most to me at Provide as I believe that honesty is key to building trust-based relationships.

Do you put your Ketchup in the Fridge or Cupboard?!

Cupboard, always!

If you could have any Superpower, what would it be?


Who would you choose if you could have dinner with anyone?

Sir Alex Ferguson (or Charlize Theron).