I'm Elle, a recent University graduate working as a tech recruitment consultant, helping and supporting individuals to find their dream role. In my spare time I enjoy the gym, singing and shopping.

The best part of working at Provide?

​ For me is my colleagues. Everyone is very personable, supportive and approachable, which has been very important to me whilst training in a new role. Alongside this, whilst working hard the team also takes the time to connect on more personal levels, supporting health and wellbeing is a important part of the office.

What would be your superpower?

it would probably be the ability to transport back in time, to spend with my late loved ones or experience era's I haven't had the chance to - such as the swinging 60's! Or to transport to the future and understand the path I need to take to achieve the success I strive for.

Who would choose if you could have dinner with anyone?

My dinner date would be David Attenborough. I would love to discover more about his extraordinary knowledge and understanding of the world and animal kingdom.

Something on your bucket list...

Shark cage diving! I find sharks fascinating and always have done, however I am absolutely petrified of them! I love fear-factor adrenaline thrilled activities, so this is definitely something I'd love to do one day!