​I am a dedicated Talent Recruiter specialising in the technology industry, with a focus on connecting top-tier candidates with exciting opportunities across Europe and North America. My passion lies in bridging the gap between exceptional talent and innovative companies, whether the roles are currently available or not.

I thrive on building meaningful relationships with candidates, guiding them through their career journeys, and collaborating with various businesses to enhance their teams.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing football, spending time at the gym, and attending music events across the country.


If you could have any Superpower, what would it be?

To be able to fly!


Who would you choose if you could have dinner with anyone?

My Grandad


Tell us a random fact...

Australia is wider than the moon


What value means the most to you at Provide, and why?

Be Happy, I believe a happy culture enables a positive working environment.


What's your desert island item?

A football!


Tell us a joke...

We can’t even afford a garden, so when my wife bought us a trampoline I hit the roof!