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Why Emotional Intelligence is now as important as AI in tech talent search

​As artificial intelligence (AI) forges ahead, the automation of jobs continues. As a result, where technical skills were the mainstay of most IT professional’s CVs, soft skills are now becoming in...

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1600x900 Cv For Your It Job

How to Create a Top CV for your next IT Job

With half of the UK’s IT professionals now looking for a new job, it takes more than a list of skills to get an interview. When you’re up against that much competition, you need a CV that stands ou...

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1600x900 Recruitment

7 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent

​It is widely known that the UK has one of the worst cases of tech skills shortages across the globe. As team that cares about attracting talent, it may surprise you to know that we’re as intereste...

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1600x900 Recruitment (1)

5 Top Tips for Social Recruitment Success

​It’s no secret that hiring managers, prospective employers and recruiters use social media to headhunt and assess potential employees – but it goes so much further than simply posting a job advert...

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1600x900 Recruitment (2)

The CIO Role, and why it's time to up your game...

​There’s been an increasing pressure on the traditional CIO role in recent years and it’s putting the job at risk for many in the future if they don’t up their game.For some, the CDO (Chief Data ...

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How to Recruit in the New Candidate-Driven Market

There are many drivers that have led to a new talent market where candidates now hold much of the power – and nowhere more so than in the tech fields. The skills gap across the industry has certain...

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1600x900 Fin Tech

FinTech and the Talent War

​FinTech is revolutionising the world of finance, from banking to wealth management, and start-ups now find themselves in a recruitment war to win the top tech talent.A Range of Tech Skills Needed ...

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1600x900 Block Chain

Four ways to get into BlockChain

​There’s a big buzz surrounding blockchain, which has caused a massive spike in job openings that won’t be slowing down any time soon. If you were wondering where your smartest career move would be...

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Wes Hicks 4 Ee Tna C1 S4 Unsplash

5 Ways to Stay Sharp and Relevant as an IT Pro

Whether you’re in a traditional IT support role or you’re forging new paths in emerging technologies, one thing all IT professionals have in common is that they can’t stand still. Technology is mov...

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1600x900 B1

The Perfect Place for a Smart Tech Recruitment Agency

As a recruitment agency ensconced in the emerging, disruptive technologies, it turns out it’s not just us who thinks Milton Keynes is the perfect place for innovation. This smart city is proving to...

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1600x900 Machine Learning (1)

How to get a job in Machine Learning

​Machine learning is now on the agenda for most CIOs, with nearly half planning or already using machine learning within their organisation. However, as with many technical skills today, there’s a ...

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