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What’s New at Provide?

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What’s New at Provide?

​You might have noticed some things have changed around here. But don’t be fooled; this isn’t just a fresh lick of paint. We’ve been hard at work redesigning, redeveloping, and reimagining who we are and what we do, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our refreshed branding and new website to the world.

We caught up with David Freeman, Provide’s Managing Director, to find out more…

We Make Hiring Simple.

“We’ve been in this industry for over two decades and a lot has changed over the years. We felt that now was the right time to revisit not only the way we present ourselves, but also the way we work, to keep our finger on the pulse and to adapt to the changing face of tech recruitment.

“To do that, we had to go back to our roots, challenge our ideologies, and reaffirm what the core of Provide truly looks like. We wanted to capture the DNA of the business and I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved – something that genuinely represents who we are. We’ve reached a point where we understand our real purpose better than ever before, and our new branding and website helps articulate this.

“Ultimately, we want to keep it simple, both in design and in function. The goal was to strip back, focus on what we believed to be fundamental to our brand and then rebuild from there. We’ve established a series of services that cater to our strengths and are in complete alignment with the way the market has evolved, meaning our customers can expect a refined experience; one which is backed by years of knowledge, but complimented by innovation.”


Driving Talent Innovation.

“It’s perhaps become a bit of a trope in the recruitment industry that agencies obsess over the size of their networks and the speed at which they can reach talent. But for us, it’s less about getting there first, and more about what you do when you get there. We want to enable clients to engage not just the best talent, but the right talent.

“To do this, we focus on attraction and engagement, working collaboratively with clients to understand their unique micro-culture EVPs so that they stand out from the competition. We help them to find their voice in the market, using technology to communicate with their target communities so they can drive diverse and inclusive cultures.

“I’m a firm believer in innovation. Our new service offerings distil years of knowledge and experience into what we call our ‘talent toolbox’. This consists of Talent Now, Talent Partner, and Talent Innovation – three services which are designed from the ground up to make hiring simple, to achieve immediate results, and to help clients on their journey to Talent Excellence.”


Giving Back & Building Connections.

“We want to work with (and compliment) talent teams because we see real value in working alongside our clients to discover the strengths of their EVP and reach their people goals. We have the knowledge and experience, and we want to make sure that we are giving back at every opportunity, support hiring communities so they can run their own campaigns and achieve the same results as us.

“Everyone out there has their perfect job role – I really do believe that. We put the time and care into ensuring we match the right talent with the right role. It’s about connecting the dots to get the best outcome for everyone.”


Progression is Exciting.

We’re just getting started – our brand, website and service updates are just the beginning. There’s plenty more to come in 2023 and beyond and we can’t wait to share more of the great things we’ve been working on with you.


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