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Why Emotional Intelligence is now as important as AI in tech talent search

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Why Emotional Intelligence is now as important as AI in tech talent search

As artificial intelligence (AI) forges ahead, the automation of jobs continues. As a result, where technical skills were the mainstay of most IT professional’s CVs, soft skills are now becoming increasingly important qualities to look for in candidates. The time has come for employers to give greater attention to the human qualities of candidates as we move into a time where working alongside robots becomes the norm.

Soft skills now more important than hard skills

It’s clear that what the world needs right now are more technically skilled professionals with the soft skills to communicate and collaborate effectively. Digital transformation now effects every department in an organisation. It effects everything, everywhere. IT professionals are no longer working in silos – they’re working across the company, across divisions and teams, and this means that they need to know how to translate tech into a language everyone can understand.


As AI develops in machines, humans must develop their EI

It goes further than interpersonal skills, too, although communication features in the top three of this and other similar surveys. Leadership, time management, emotional intelligence (EI), project management and collaborative teamwork are also critical requirements for the majority of today’s tech roles because, for now, these skills can’t be replicated by machines.

Soft skills aren’t that easy to assess, however, and technical professionals have rarely needed to include them in their job applications in the past. Employers, and consequently candidates and their CVs, have historically listed technical requirements only, which is why a cultural shift needs to happen – and fast.

Hiring managers and IT pros need to accept that soft skills now rank alongside hard skills – and they need to learn how to communicate the human side of the job.

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