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The Perfect Place for a Smart Tech Recruitment Agency

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The Perfect Place for a Smart Tech Recruitment Agency

As a recruitment agency ensconced in the emerging, disruptive technologies, it turns out it’s not just us who thinks Milton Keynes is the perfect place for innovation.

This smart city is proving to be a magnet for companies who are already making serious waves with intelligent mobility and the IoT – and will be making a big impact not just here but throughout the world in years to come.

​Intelligent Recruitment for Intelligent Mobility - A Truly Smart City for Connected Technology

Milton Keynes continues to prove itself as a centre of innovation in the tech fields – especially in the area of autonomous, driverless transport.

Earlier this year, Milton Keynes Council announced a major trail of self-driving cars on public roads. The trial was a great success and now these driverless vehicles can be ordered via an app to transport visitors, locals and shoppers around the city.

The vehicles, supplied by British start-up Imperium Drive, are controlled by an operator in a remote control centre and have been praised for their efficiency and affordability.

Driverless Cars Are Here!

We’ve been working closely with Transport Systems Catapult (TCS) for the past couple of years, helping the not-for-profit organisation to attract the most highly skilled and innovative candidates to this relatively new field of technology.

As many who work in new, disruptive technologies know, there is a challenge, especially under the pressure of fast growth, to recruit non-standard, in-demand people in unproven fields and start-ups.

Milton Keynes has always embraced and supported that culture and, as a recruitment agency who started here over 10 years ago, it’s a culture we’ve embedded into our own company and client service, too.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work with companies involved in smart cities and intelligent mobility, you’ll find this TCS case study useful: Recruiting for TCS

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