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5 Top Tips for Social Recruitment Success

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5 Top Tips for Social Recruitment Success

​It’s no secret that hiring managers, prospective employers and recruiters use social media to headhunt and assess potential employees – but it goes so much further than simply posting a job advert on LinkedIn. Remember: Social recruitment requires effort

Through a great deal of effort, our social search technique is the only ISO accredited approach in the UK. It combines social media detective work, competitor research, market mapping, trends forecasting and industry networking – and that’s before we’ve even made a direct approach to anyone.

Here are FOUR top tips, on how to get social media recruiting right

1. Think outside the obvious channels

It’s tempting to think that everyone is sat on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but in reality, and certainly in the tech market, some people shun those platforms – with the exception of LinkedIn, which performs well in tech. A great deal of talented professionals only passively look for a change in job and won’t be actively looking on LinkedIn. Instead, you need to be hanging out where they are day to day – in tech forums and other more obscure chat rooms and social networks, for example. Don’t assume that everyone behaves and thinks as you do.

2. Adapt the message to the platform and audience

Once you have decided on the platforms and hangouts to focus on, you need to profile that audience. Look at the profiles of the people interacting on the site. What language style are they using? Is it professional or informal and relaxed? What are they discussing? What are their interests and job types? By understanding the typical reader and social culture on that platform, you’ll be able to create a post or advert that echoes that tone and style, which will result in much better engagement.

3. Consider your social brand and social recruitment process

Your social media activity should be viewed as a multi-touch-point candidate journey, beyond that first post or message. What action do you want them to take and where have you directed people to go next? Does the next touchpoint echo the feel and message of that initial post? Interested candidates will do their own investigative work, too. As an employer, you need to ensure that your brand has an equally strong and relevant social brand that continues to interest and engage the ideal candidate.


4. Be personal and genuine

So much about online interaction and recruitment success is about being honest, open and genuine. Don’t be lazy. Simply sharing other people’s posts to fill your own social feed won’t achieve much at all. You need to be personal and you must interact. Add a comment, be real and show people you are a recruiter or brand that has a real personality and human side that is approachable and trustworthy. Get involved in discussions and groups, network and share contacts, and keep the lines of communication open. Don’t be afraid to jump in and chat.


If you’d like to know more about social recruitment, contact us or, alternatively, we’ll do all the hard work for you.


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